Save money, increase efficiency & profits, whilst saving the environment.




Osprey based in Whitstable in the United Kingdom, has been involved with Pollution Management, Energy Conservation and Dust Control since we started trading in 1985. Over the years we have built up unique skills in working with our clients to achieve ideal solutions without entailing excessive costs. From fully tailored dust & emission control systems to straightforward extract hoods, Osprey can design and manufacture to your specific needs. Through a commitment to continual improvement of our technology and high quality standards we are unsurpassed in our field. We are subsequently able to offer an extensive range of pollution and energy services along with air and water filtration. We have particular pride in being able to offer the superior Turbopak® fluidized packing system, developed jointly with Fluid Technologies (Environmental) Ltd, which has been extensively used in gas scrubbing and stripping plants throughout the world.