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Dust Systems Osprey have completed dust control systems for a number of industries throughout Europe ranging from Foundry and Mining through to Tissue and Sanitary Product manufacture. These systems are individually tailored taking into account production requirements whilst guaranteeing to meet current legislation (2mg/m³). The final filtration method would depend on the application and can range from bag filter and drum filters through to various types of scrubbers.

A multi bank drum filter arrangement for a diaper manufacturer exhausting dust/fibre from the production machine, some of which is returned to the production process.
Drum filter unit installed as part of the final filter for a dust control system for a converting line at a major international tissue manufacturer.
On machine extraction heads for a tissue converting line removing dust generated by the production process normally discharged into the general work area
The filtration system shown left was installed to meet legislation regarding the inhalation of ferrous dust that is generated during the fettling process at a major UK foundry. Three attenuated booths where installed for the larger items, each complete with fans and filter units discharging the clean air back into the area. A further four smaller individual booths were installed which were coupled to a single stand-alone filter unit. All were equipped with lighting, compressed air and electrical connections. The filtration system was designed to meet maximum exposure limits of 5mg/m³ and 2mg/m³ of respirable dust.