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Products and Services.

We offer an extensive range of cost-effective industrial solutions for pollution management, energy conservation and dust control, for many different industries and applications. Our innovative designs and well-engineered components ensure maximum efficiency and reliability in all critical applications.

Whether it’s required for small buildings, industrial units or large industries, with our comprehensive product knowledge and extensive understanding of industry, we can support those responsible for planning sustainable solutions.

Excellent equipment is one thing, great service is another. Our customers are optimally supported throughout the entire life cycle of their installed systems and components – from project engineering, installation, commissioning and maintaining, through to improving the performance of the customer’s plant and equipment, you can rely on Osprey’s products and services. Find out more about our products and services below:

Osprey Corporation

Our Products.

Osprey Corporation provide Pollution Management, Energy Conservation and Dust Control services, working clients globally to achieve optimum solutions to your problems.

Process, Engineering & Consulting

With Osprey Corporation’s experience and expertise we offer full consultancy and design solutions for your process needs.

Gas Scrubbing: Turboscrubber®

Osprey/FTL’s TurboScrubber Gas Scrubbing System has shown exceptional performance in absorption, transfer heat and dust removal.

Heat Recovery: TurbEx

Osprey TurbEx™ has been designed to enhance heat transfer performance within our TurboScrubber® technology systems.

Air Stripping Technology: Turbostripper

Osprey TurboStripper is used for the removal of VOCs from groundwater, waste water and to target specific chemical components.

Emissions: Scrubmaster

ScrubMaster software is a diagnostic & design programme designed to aid building or upgrading scrubbing & absorption towers.

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