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TurboScrubber Gas Scrubbing System.

Osprey/FTL’s fluidised bed TurboPak® and Turboid® technology at the heart of the TurboScrubber® design has shown exceptional ability to simultaneously absorb gaseous components, transfer heat and remove fine dust and soot particles across a wide range of industrial applications.

TurboScrubber system’s high mass and heat transfer rates offer considerable reductions in scale and cost for gas cleaning heat recovery plant, for example on chemical processes, dryers, boilers, and incinerators. The non-clogging nature of TurboPak® and Turboid® fluidised packing elements permit the use of limestone slurries, trade effluents and biomass as scrubbing media. In addition to this our Turboscrubber® technology has been widely used for retrofitting of existing scrubbing towers for clients looking for an upgrade in performance.

Osprey TurboScrubber System:


Osprey TurboScrubber

High Transfer Rates

High mass and heat transfer rates.
Osprey TurboScrubber

High Efficiency

High efficiency particulate abatement to sub-micron sizes.
Osprey TurboScrubber

Readily Upgradeable

Readily upgradeable, suitable for retrofitting.
Osprey TurboScrubber

Wide Turndown Ratios

Wide turndown ratio on gas and liquid.
Osprey TurboScrubber


Non-clogging operation that can handle slurries.

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